About Us;

Our company started its commercial life in 1987 with the sale of retail textile products. In 1995, it broke new ground in order to help the companies engaged in production in the Turkish hosiery industry to reduce their costs and brought innovation to the sector by offering alternative cost-effective products.

Our company was incorporated in 1999 and as of 2006, as a result of long efforts to bring innovation to the Turkish hosiery sector, it has continued to grow in the Turkish market as the Turkish Representative of Golden Roc products, which has been serving in the sector since 1982. As of 2013, our company has started to provide services in needle and sinker groups especially for Circular Knitting Machines, Knitwear Raschel and Seamless machines.

In addition to the foregoing, our company has continued to increase its product range by investing in Spare Parts (Saw, Diamond Blade, Piano Board, Electro Valve etc…) for Hosiery Machines. In 2021, it concluded an agreement with the manufacturers of Weihuan brand sock knitting machines which is one of the sector leaders of the People’s Republic of China and Baiyuan brand circular knitting machines and offered the machines of these companies to the appreciation of its customers. In 2022, it further strengthened its product range with new products including sock toe sewing machines and glove machines. Our company, which has always aimed to offer an innovation to the sector and to offer quality products at affordable prices to its customers, and has set it as its goal, has been continuing its efforts to achieve this goal with its continuous R&D activities throughout the world.

Our company, which has strengthened its place in the sector with the supply of needles and sinkers for all knitting machines as of today, continues to bring a new breath to the sector and contributes positively to the competitiveness of Turkish companies in the changing global market by offering quality alternative products to the Turkish Knitting Industry.

Our company, which has adopted the principle of offering guaranteed products with proven quality to its customers, strengthens its position in the sector with internationally branded products and continues its commercial life strongly with its innovative and customer satisfaction-oriented commercial understanding.

Electronic and Mechanical Spare Parts products in addition to Knitting Needles and sinkers for Sock, Knitwear and Circular Knitting machines constitute the main fields of activity of our company.

Please share your opinions and suggestions with us so that we can provide better service to you, our valued customers.

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