Needles and Sinkers for Knitwear Machines

Needles and sinkers for all knitwear knitting machines are quickly supplied from our stocks.

The code numbers below are for illustration. Please ask for information and price for other products.

*Stoll*Omatex / Rimarch
*Shima / Siki*APM



 Vosa Spec 110.130/110-013Vosa Spec 106.118/90-02
 Vosa Spec 110.130/110-010Vosa Spec 107.75/64-05
 Vosa Spec 111.130/100-01Vosa Spec 107.150-07
 Vosa Spec 111.130/100-06Vosa Spec 107.90/70-01
 Vosa Spec 112.88/75-010Vo Spec 79 75 014
 Vosa Spec 112.88/75-08Vo Spec 96 70 62 01
 Vosa Spec 112.88/68-06Vosa Spec 112 88/68-06
 Vosa Spec 112.70/62-01Vo Spec 79 109 010
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