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    Has commenced its business life in 1987 with retail sale of textile products. In 1995, it has realized a first in order to help firms manufacturing in Turkish Socks Sector decrease costs and brought in innovation to the sector by introducing stocking materials with Samsung brand in Turkey for the first time. It has become a company in 1999 and as of 2006 as the Turkey Agent of Golden Roc products having rendered service for over 30 years, it has continued its growth in Turkish market as a result of the long efforts in order to bring in innovation to Turkish Socks Sector.

    Furthermore, its goal has been to offer quality products with suitable prices for the benefit of the sector by means of its Spare Parts Investment towards Hosiery Machines (Saw, Knife, Wac Data Card, etc…) and it is continuing its R&D activities throughout the world after having attained this goal since 2006.

    Having strengthened its place in the sector with needle and platinum procurement aimed at all knitting machines as of today, the firm provides positive contribution to competitive power of firms in Turkish Knitting Industry in the changing global market by offering quality alternative products in order to bring a breath of fresh air.

    Adopting the principle of offering products the quality guarantee of which is proven to its customers, it is strengthening its place in the sector with branded products in international area and continuing its business life powerfully with a business understanding keeping in the forefront innovative and customer satisfaction.

    In addition to Knitting Needle and Sinkers for Socks, knitwear and circular knitting machines, main activity fields of our company are consisting also of Electronic and Mechanical Spare Parts.

    In order for us to be able to render better services to you, our esteemed customers, please share your opinion and suggestions with us.


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